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Get That Touch-Up Paint to Match! Part 1

It is said that necessity breeds invention, and at My Paint Saint, we agree with this 100 percent. Our product would not exist if it hadn’t been very necessary for our creator to keep his facilities looking like new. He pursued a solution, and now we’re selling it online to you, because we know we aren’t the only ones with chipped and smudged interior walls.

My Paint Saint is a paint brush and can system designed to hold touch-up paint for your home or facility, but what if the paint is old and there are no extra cans of it? If you love the existing color of your walls and want to keep them looking like new, you will need to go to a paint store and get them to mix up paint that will match yours. In the next three blogs, we will detail the steps to achieve this. It’s not hard!

  • Gently wash the paint
    1. If you no longer have touchup paint for your existing wall color, it is likely that the paint has been there a while, which means it is probably dirty. Just a little dirt can drastically alter the appearance of the paint.
    2. Be very gentle as you clean the paint with a mild soap-and-water solution and a sponge. Make sure there is no excess water in the sponge.
  • Read our next blog!
    1. We’re out of space here, so click on the link below to read the next steps!

      The great thing about My Paint Saint is that it works for homes and facilities alike. Whether you’re in charge of keeping a hotel looking like new or you have active little ones who beat up your walls, My Paint Saint is here to keep your brushes and paints ready to use at a moment’s notice. Invest today and enjoy the convenience!

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