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Get That Touch-Up Paint to Match! Part 2

Chipped and smudged paint often goes untouched, but not because no one notices it. It’s more likely because it’s a hassle to get out paint, stir it up, and then put the paint away and wash a brush that was used for five seconds. Well, when you buy My Paint Saint, you’ll no longer have an excuse … and you won’t want one. You will be so pleased with how easy it is to keep your walls looking amazing, you might actually be secretly pleased when you have to get out My Paint Saint and use it.

In our last blog, we went through the first few steps to matching new paint to current paint. We’ve got the next steps for you here!

  • Take a sample
    1. Using a utility knife, scrape off a chip of paint from an inconspicuous area. The chip should be 1 inch or bigger.
    2. Scrape off another sample from a different area if you are worried that sun may have faded part of the paint. This will help you achieve the closest match.
  • Take a picture
    1. If you are planning on buying paint from Home Depot or Benjamin Moore, go ahead and take a picture of your painted wall with a smartphone app.
  • Read our next blog!
    1. Go ahead and click the link below to read the last steps to achieving the perfect match!

    My Paint Saint was born because our creator had miles of paint to keep looking perfect, and he disliked cleaning brushes and dealing with dried paint as much as you do. He innovated the product that home and business owners can’t get enough of. Leave the annoyance behind and invest in our revolutionary paint supplies today!

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