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Get That Touch-Up Paint to Match! Part 3

When it comes to touching up paint, there is no better ally for you than My Paint Saint. Our revolutionary paint brush and its sealed container makes erasing smudges and cracks easy and quick. What a wonderful change from the drawn-out process you had to go through if you wanted to preserve your precious brushes and paints!

In our last two blogs, we went through steps for matching current paint to new paint. We are going to finish up this simple process here and release you to make your home or facility look as excellent as you envision!

  • Take the paint chip(s) you gathered to a paint or home improvement store.
    1. Request a color match.
    2. If you used an app, give them the shade name from the results.
  • It won’t take the store long to mix up the paint you need for your product.
    1. If you are getting touchup paint, ask for a quart. Otherwise, ask for several gallons.
  • Once you get home, get the paint into My Paint Saint.
    1. Use the brush to apply the paint over the place you removed the paint chip.
  • Give the paint about 30 minutes to dry.
    1. Paint some more layers on if you aren’t satisfied.
    2. If the new shade doesn’t match, brush some new paint on white paper and take that as well as the paint chip back to the store. They will be able to remix for you.

The old process for touching up walls was enough to make us leave the flaws as long as possible, but now, you’ll be ready to fix anything the instant it appears. Buy My Paint Saint and relish the absence of annoyance and complications while keeping your walls looking like new!

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