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From Prototypes in College to NBC's Today Show

The Paint Saint story began years ago when in 2002 when I was in college. I was the maintenance supervisor of a prestigious hotel. The most frustrating thing about that job was painting. It was so time consuming and messy. I had to find the right paint color, pry open the can and stir the paint, and then—worst of all—clean the paint brushes after the painting was finished. I knew there had to be a better way. Well, out of necessity came invention.

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I created working prototypes of The Paint Saint and kept them on my maintenance tool cart as I moved around the hotel. The impact this had on both my job and the appearance of the hotel was profound. If someone bumped a wall with a suitcase, I could touch up the mark in seconds, as if it never happened. When I was done painting I did not have to clean the brush, which saved a lot of time. The interior paint on the rooms and walls in the hotel started looking impeccable, and I had more time to work on other things. At the end of my college career I received the best maintenance quality control score in the history of the hotel. I attribute much of this success to the early MPS prototypes.

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Over the years I continued making prototypes. I learned so much through this process- the size of brush compared to jar, best type of bristles to use, ledges to remove excess paint, threads on the bottom to store the closing ring, label on jar to put paint color and code, etc.

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In 2013 my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Kenzy. My daughter’s birth launched me into action and gave me the desire and drive to make this dream into a reality. I wanted the world to see that there was a new easy, clean and effortless way to do touch up painting. The Paint Saint drastically reduces the time, money and effort needed to paint. It makes paint touch ups fun and easy by eliminating all the mess and hard work.

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In 2015 I ran successful Kickstarter campaign and the current version of My Paint Saint was born. In February of 2016 My Paint Saint was featured on NBC’s Today Show. It was also featured in Real Simple Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Buzzfeed, and many other blogs and Newspapers.

I am so grateful that I finally went through with bringing this product to the market. Today My Paint Saint is sold on Houzz, Amazon, Home, The Grommet,,,,,, and more.

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Still to this day I tell my daughter that she is the real inventor of My Paint Saint because I just don’t know if ever would have gone through with it if she wouldn’t have come along. If you ask her, “who is the inventor of Paint Saint”? She will tell you, “Kenzy” every time.

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