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Whether you have to keep the walls of a home or a facility looking great, you have a challenge on your hands! Keeping preserving cans of paint and keeping your brushes clean adds a lot of time to the process of touching up your walls. Depending on how many colors you have to maintain, you can spend a lot of time washing and drying your brushes for just a few seconds of dabbing at the wall.

No one knows this better than the creator of My Paint Saint, whose full story can be found here. The Top Rated National® DYI paint brush he created came out of pure necessity. He needed a system which did not require him to choose between washing and losing his brushes. The Paint Saint is the perfect solution, because it stores the brush inside the paint bucket to prevent it from drying out. Even better, the paint lid screws onto the bottom of the can during use, so that it does not get lost.

We are here to accommodate all the colors you keep on hand in order to make your home or business look perfect. If you no longer need a color, it is easy to wash your Paint Saint out and re-use it. If you want to simply try My Paint Saint, you can buy one and see what you think. However, it is a Top Rated National® DYI paint brush for a reason, and we believe you will be buying more soon!

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