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"You know a product is terrific, useful and needed when the reaction is, why didn't I think of that? This is the reaction to My Paint Saint by everyone introduced to it" ~ DIY expert Kelly Wilkniss.  

My Paint Saint keeps the paint in your home or business looking fantastic year round. It saves time and money. What sets MPS apart is that you never have to clean the brush. This saves time. You will not need to keep buying new brushes because old ones were not cleaned properly. This saves money. The paint sealed in the MPS does not oxidize, congeal or change color. This means you can touch up for years and not repaint the whole house. This saves both time and money. 

MPS is so easy and convenient to use you will touch up more often. This means your home or business will look its best at all times. Almost everywhere people live and work there is paint on the walls.  My Paint Saint is perfect for homeowners, businesses, hotels, motels, stores, churches, schools, anywhere there is paint. Save time, save money and have your home or business looking its best - give My Paint Saint a try!

The Features of My Paint Saint

High Quality Paint Saint Brush

The high quality 1½" x 5” synthetic bristles are thick and long enabling them to hold a lot of paint. The Paint Saint’s ferrule is made out of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Disc with Drip Catching Cavity Attached to Brush Head

A disc with a recessed "drip catcher" attaches the handle to the brush head. This disc comes in really handy if you are painting above your head.

Customized Clear Silicone Gasket

We used the 21st century way to seal liquid in a container and keep air out. This silicone gasket creates a hermetic seal. Oxygen which causes paint to separate and dry out can't enter the container. This locks the bristles in a moist atmosphere and prevents them from drying out. This air tight seal cannot be replicated by re-hammering a metal lid on a can with no gasket.

Top and Bottom Threads for Closing Ring and Max Fill Line

My Paint Saint has two sets of threads for the closing ring. The top threads are to seal the container tightly. The bottom threads provide a nifty place to store the closing ring while painting. This prevents the closing ring from being lost or damaged. A max fill line is on both sides of the container to aid the user.

Built-In Ledges for Removing Excess Paint

Strategically placed inside the Paint Saint container are two ledges made of thick ABS plastic. They are a simple and sturdy way to remove excess paint from the bristles. Notice how the bristles are designed to easily fit between the shelves regardless of the orientation of the brush.

Ergonomic Handle for Easy Painting

The ergonomic six-inch Paint Saint handle fits comfortably into the hand. It allows you to paint with the feel of a real paint brush. The center of the handle has soft rubber over molding for a comfortable grip.

Large Writing Space on Rear Label

This large white space on the label comes in very handy. It allows you to label your Paint Saints with the color, paint code, room etc. As you can see, it is large enough to put a thumb print or smudge of paint for easy identification.

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